ZIP+4 List Selections

ZIP+4 codes are a great way for direct marketers to filter out unwanted names from marketing lists when you want to target clients based on distance.

This is MUCH cheaper than running your entire list through a geocoding process (assigning a latitude and longitude to every address). And it will save you a TON of money on your mailing. Note though, that in some cases, a carrier route map may be more helpful.

People often think they want a ZIP+4 Map. The problem is, there are so many ZIP+4 codes in most areas, that there's no way to label the points on a single map. As an example, to see all the ZIP+4 codes for a single ZIP Code, you would need at least a 4'x6' map! But you can use mapping to help you target or select ZIP+4s:

Examples: Radius Targeting and Highway or Pipeline Targeting

ZIP+4 Radius Lists

The most common example is when you only want to mail to people near your site. If you only want to target people within 5 miles of your store, you can get a list of all the ZIP+4 codes within 5 miles and then filter your list based on those codes. You can order ZIP+4 lists - Excel spreadsheets - of all the ZIP+4 codes within a radius of your site. We do not provide these services - this is informational only.

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ZIP+4 Selects Near Streets or Pipelines

It’s rare to find a services that allows you to target people who live within some distance from a major road or pipeline or other “linear” feature. See the example below.

Some list providers offer lists of ZIP+4 codes within any distance from features like roads or pipelines.

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You can find a few more questions answered by clicking here. If you need Telecom maps or a LATA map, let us know. Census Tract Maps are also available.

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