ZIP+4 List Selections

FAQs on ZIP+4 Selections

What will my ZIP+4 list look like?
Your list will be a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Click here for an example.

What do I do with the ZIP+4 list?
If you are a list broker, you use it to filter names that only match the ZIP+4 codes you want. If you are a direct marketer, you can bring this list to your list broker to make sure you only rent the names you really want.

Why are ZIP+4 lists useful?
ZIP+4 codes are a great way for direct marketers to filter out unwanted names from marketing lists when you want to target clients based on distance.  And it?s much cheaper than geocoding large amounts of data.

Can I use this to target people near a physical feature like a highway or pipeline?
Absolutely.  In fact, almost none of the commercial list brokers provide this option.  So now you have a source for more precise targeting.  See this sample map to visualize how it?s done.

Can you give me a ZIP+4 map?
ZIP+4 maps are often thought to be useful, but that's because most people have never actually seen one. Because there are so many ZIP+4 codes in most areas, it's nearly impossible to label them all in one map (even a large map). And without labels, the ZIP+4 map isn't very useful. A better approach might be carrier route maps or a ZIP+4 dataset.

Can I also find all the ZIP Codes or all the Carrier Routes near a site or feature?
Yes, you can find such services as carrier route maps , ZIP Code maps , and even geocoding services at Maponics.

Visit the United States Post Office for more more information on ZIP codes and ZIP+4 Processing.

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